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Author: TripIt, Inc.

Tripit App Review:

  • Automatically creates the itineraries for your trips, using your email confirmation notices.
  • It creates itineraries that include airports, hotels, cruises, car rentals, restaurant reservations, among others.
  • Includes maps of the airport terminals and destinations.
  • Even more features with the Tripit Pro.
  • The ads are really too much.
  • They could condense all the information in a better way.

If you just like to travel or you just need to travel related to your work, you need an app that allows you to manage all your trips. From the flight reservations, booking hotels, managing everything related to your trip may be exhausting. And you might find yourself digging your email inbox for all the confirmations that were sent to you. Plus, when you're usually on a trip, you may take some time to visit some interesting places or simply to have dinner at a nice restaurant. However, you need to keep your agenda completely organized. And this is where the Tripit App can help you.

The Tripit App will make you complete itineraries with all the information you provide, either by allowing them to search your email inbox or by forwarding them all your information. From hotels, airlines, restaurant reservations, car rental services, and much more.

App Interface / Usability:

Nobody can say that Tripit is beautifully designed. It’s not. They display too many ads, especially featuring their Tripit Pro service, with so many colors that they might even distract you from what you’re doing. However, the usability is amazing. It’s extremely easy to add your trips and you have 2 different options to do it. In the first option, you just go to the Dashboard and choose “Add a Trip”. Here you can add all the details related to your trip as well as if you want to make your trip private or public. After you filled all the information you want, the Tripit App will create you an itinerary for your trip.

And if you’re thinking that this won’t save you any time since you’ll still need to dig into your email inbox looking for all the reservations and confirmations you already have, there’s a different way to get an itinerary from Tripit. All you need to do is to choose the option to Tripit scan your email a few times a day and check for all the reservations and confirmations you already have there. And it will, automatically, create you the itinerary.

One of the most important things about Tripit that needs to be mentioned is that you’ll just look smart. When you already have your trip planned out on your Tripit App, just tap on your departure flight inside the app. You’ll instantly know the departure and arrival times, the terminal and gate either for the departure as well as for the arrival, your frequent flier number, your confirmation number, the map of the destination airport, the flight distance and length, the airline’s contact information, the aircraft type, and a link to seating advice. Plus, if your flight is close, you can see it’s current status.


There’s no doubt that Tripit is the most used app for traveling. With so many information provided, not just solely regarding airports but cruises and car rentals as well, it’s almost impossible that you travel without it installed.

When Tripit notices that you have two events at the same time but in different locations, it displays you a line item in your itinerary and it shows you the possible directions between the two locations.

In case you still want more information, you can always get the Tripit Pro. Just for $49 a year, you will also get real-time flight alerts such as cancellations or delays, you’ll be able to search a different flight in case you need a new one, it tracks your frequent flyer miles and rewards points, and it even alerts you in case there’s a better seat available.

Differences between Android & iOS Versions

The Tripit app is on both the Play Store as well as on the iOS store. The two versions are very similar and they are usually updated around the same time.

While the last update on Android was on September 1, 2016, and it almost only included a better chance to connect to customer support and solving different bugs, the iOS app was updated on September 6, 2016. This update was better since it added more sharing capabilities as well as you can now merge your trips directly from your app. You might need this in case some information related another one of your trips accidentally was misplaced.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, Tripit is one of the best apps you can have when you’re a frequent traveler. It’s ability to import all the confirmations automatically and to retrieve an itinerary are amazing. Despite there is always room to improve, it already does more than enough.

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Review Master Score: 82/100 Points
Author: TripIt, Inc.
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