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Facebook Messenger Review:



  • Amazing UI probably the best UI you can get from any type of messaging app.
  • The fonts are readable and the icons are extremely useful and so many features are abundant but can be useful under the right circumstances.
  • Calling is crisp and useful and texting/messaging couldn’t get any more easier. It’s outstanding!


  • Clean UI more minimalist than the Android versions with less clutter.
  • It incorporates many of Apple’s original look instead of a more Google looking UI for Android version.
  • Your messages are displayed chronologically and are displayed neatly.


  • Group chat have no administration system in place allowing anyone to enter and the notifications can kill a battery (Unless you turn them off).
  • And lack of any real privacy that plagues Facebook reputation as they have been accused of working for the American government more than once.


  • Group chat have no administration system in place allowing anyone to enter, however, notifications don’t kill the battery as much as Android version.
  • And unlike Android version there is no status indicators.

Facebook users rejoice

To have a true use of this app you will need the thing we all already have, or should already have, a Facebook account. Which means about a good 20% of the world can use this app because you're already signed up. The app is free on the GooglePlay store and Apple store and with one download you have access to it. To set up you're asked to print your phone number and than you have a choice to enter your contacts: this isn't mandatory.

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But if you have the Facebook app all of your friends will be there, and you are signed up from the minute it's installed to your device: on whichever platform. Once you are logged in, the messenger part of the Facebook app simply redirects you to the messenger app. This is super convenient because you won't have to keep switching between the Facebook app and messenger app manually. But lets just say you are the one percent of people that doesn't have a Facebook account, if you are you can sign up with your phone number just like Whatsapp. Using this method will allow the Messenger app to have full access to your contacts, again, much like Whatsapp. But unlike Whatsapp is the vast majority of United States residents using Facebook, something that Whatsapp struggles with: also Facebook purchased Whatsapp anyways. So finding your friends on the Messenger app is extremely easy like stated before; who doesn't have a Facebook account these days?

So what do you get?

Well generally speaking, Facebook doesn’t have a high reputation of “working apps”. Most of Facebook’s apps are buggy and is known for crashing. But I am glad to say that you can take a small sigh of relief ,because, the catastrophic apps that Facebook is known for isn’t applied to Facebook messenger. It incorporates the Facebook website page beautifully, with an easy to use UI and bright and rich text; it’s probably the peak of Mark Zuckerburg’s incorporation of minimalist design philosophy. It doesn’t do anything like any other app so far. With its completely unique way of showing that a message needs to read, by using bold text on the contact name and being able to preview the message on the app’s opening page . Also, instead of a capital R that most apps used as “read”, Facebook messenger uses a small but effective blue check mark.

In the Android version of the application your contacts will be shown as a small round icon. And once clicked/tapped the icon will slide up giving you more choices of how you would want to contact this person. All of these choices include sending money, pictures, videos ,and etc. Then, to dismiss this bar just drag it down and the bar will go away ,but the icon will still show on the bottom left corner until you completely exit out of it. And if you don’t like the feature you can go to your settings and tweak it to your liking.

Texting with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is all about texting (which is the reason you got the app) but Facebook definition of the so-called art form of “texting/messaging” isn’t what we would expect. Aside from the standard messages, you have a wide array of things that you are allowed to send off to your friends. The standards for today’s communication apps are well known and trust me Facebook Messenger have all of it and more. Along with the many third party apps that support it, you can send money, audio, and Emojis. These third party apps can change a lot of your overall Facebook Messenger experience. Among these are, custom Emojis, custom gifs, and high-quality images. Along with basic peer-to-peer messaging you can also have group chats with numerous of friends. But it has one small problem, anybody can kick or invite someone to the group chat since it don’t have a administration system in play. Which is a major bummer for anyone trying to avoid unwanted mutual friends.

Facebook Callinger app

Besides messaging, you can also communicate with your friends via communication through the ever-aging phone call. Or you can use the vice-versa video call. With whichever whom you may choose, it is important to note that this uses either your cell phone data or Wi-Fi connection. This is a big bonus for overseas calls. The call quality is possibly the best call quality across all communication apps software. It’s amazingly crisp and clear and it’s easy to understand what the person is saying ,and without any strains to the signal calls can go on for hours. Along with voice calling, you can also use video calls which are high quality and with the same amount of care of regular voice calls.

Bottom Line

Should you use it?

Yes with billions of Facebook users this app should be accessible to a lot of people and it’s easy to dive into.

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Review Master Score: 97/100 Points
Author: Facebook
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